Tips & Tricks

This site has a lot of categories. A lot. And its constantly getting more. While we want people to find exactly what they may be looking for, their are other ways to browsing around the site other than just picking specific categories. I will help with that here ūüôā

1) Say you are looking for something in “Art’s & Projects”¬†and don’t really care about the specific category, just something to make. Simply click the main category at the top of the page where it says “Arts & Projects” and you will get everything. That works for every category¬†and sub-category¬†in the top menu.

2) Tags. We want to make heavy use of a tagging system. Its still a work in progress, but so far all of the “Art’s & Projects” section has tags. At the end of every article you will see a “Looking for something more specific with Art’s & Projects?” Check out the tags to see what we have.

3) If you still are not finding what you may want, we might have missed a tag! Simply use the search tool on the left side when viewing articles/categories. It will search the entire site.

Those are really the main points right now. Categories, Tags and Search. If you have other ideas on how to make browsing the site easier, please contact me at I will constantly be reviewing and making changes accordingly. Confusing sites are no fun!