Dad Receives Coded Text Message from Son, Immediately Rushes to Help Him

Picture this. It’s getting late and you get a call from your teenager while they’re out with friends. They sound hesitant and a little edgy, but when you press they assure you everything’s fine. The next day, you find out your child drank alcohol or tried drugs for the first time… they just didn’t know how to escape the situation they’d found themselves in.

That’s exactly the challenge that Bert Fulks wanted to face head on with his teenage son, Danny. Fulks is a pastor, and as a former pastor’s kid, knows how difficult growing up in that environment can be. Fulks trusts his son, but wanted to make sure that his son trusted him to come to the rescue, without judgement, when needed. Fulks developed an ingenious text script that allows his son to send out an S.O.S. without being embarrassed in front of his friends.

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