Sensory Play

Spend any amount of time with an infant or toddler, and you’ll see that young children are natural explorers, and use their senses to understand the world. From birth, your baby can detect the feeling of being held, the sound of your voice, and the smell of your skin. When […]

Let’s Talk About The Senses

Calm down jars can be any jar filled with a simple mixture of glue, glitter and warm water. If you are like us, you add in one of your favorite toys, too… LEGO! Any time your child (or you) need a break, give the jar a GREAT BIG shake (I promise the shaking […]

LEGO Calm Down Jar

This was one of the boys favourite activities last season – a sticky Christmas tree to decorate! Super simple and lots of learning can be added. Counting, colour or size sorting, and patterning can all easily come into play (Ha! Play – I didn’t even do it on purpose). Read […]

Christmas Sensory Bin And A Sticky Tree