Car ramps can help teach kids the basics about forces in motion. We started off by brainstorming all of the items we had in the house that we could make ramps with. Here’s our list… blocks lids cardboard boxes poster board books pillow cushions Check it out here!

Car Ramp Science with Kids

Seed germination, in a nut shell, is when a seed begins the growing process.  This science activity is a fantastic one to do with young kids because it is simple, a relatively quick process, and easy to actually see. Check it out here!

Seed Germination For Kids

We often use loose material compositions in our classroom as a way for children to tell us what they know. We set out various materials, stones, gems, paper and sticks. Check it out here!

Insect Compositions

Is there anything better than a concentrating toddler dumping water all over the place? Our water pouring station is one of my absolute favorite activists for Sam and one of his favorites to do. He even asks for this one by name “Sammy pour water sta-shin.” Check it out here!

Pouring Station