Five little ducks went out one day… If you’ve ever spent any time inside a preschool classroom, you probably know just how that sentence ends. It’s such a fun, yet simple song and its repeating verses make it super easy to remember and absolutely perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Once […]

Five Little Ducks: Printable Puppets And Song

I’m excited to share with you my Number Formation Rhymes! I’ve been teaching my little ones how to write numbers and wanted some rhymes to help them remember the formations. I found these rhymes and decided to make my own posters for our school room. These rhymes are a great […]

Number Formation Rhymes

Of all the toys that I have made for the boys, these jumbo foam numbers have probably been the most popular. They have been great for lots of math activities in the past, but this particular fine motor math tray was inspired by my preschooler’s (I still can’t believe K is considered […]

Simple Fine Motor Counting Math Tray

I love when I actually DO something with our massive digital photo collection. Anything! Email them. Back them up. Frame them. And if its something the kids can use in their play, even better. This is my favorite way to create baby’s first family photo album. Check it out here!

A Puzzle Photo Frame

To create our wooden shapes, I used the same paint samples from our color sorting activity, just one shade lighter. I cut out yellow stars, red hearts, blue circles, green triangles, and purple squares (which is also how they are colored in the game). Read more here!

Shape Sorting For Toddlers

Let’s face it: Math isn’t winning any popularity contests these days. The way our society talks about math—in the press, in debates among politicians, on the T-shirts that say “Allergic to Algebra”—we’re made to believe that math is a serious, painful educational rite of passage. Read the article here!

Workbooks – Work = Truly Fun Math

Math is everywhere. It is an important part of the way we communicate, and helps us make sense of our world. Children who are exposed to math at an early age do well in school and beyond. For very young children who are learning as much as they can every […]

Making Math Fun Makes for Better Learning

Do you speak math with your kids? Many of us feel completely comfortable talking about letters, words and sentences with our children—reading to them at night, helping them decode their own books, noting messages on street signs and billboards. Read more here!

Why It’s Important to Talk Math With Kids

Young children often show a thirst for knowledge that helps their brains develop. This thirst presents a good opportunity for parents to encourage an early appreciation for math, which improves brain growth, and serves as a foundation for math skills learned later in school. And the really good news is […]

Appreciation for Math Starts at Home!