Recently a Toddler Approved reader asked for help regarding transitions for her two-year-old. Her child melted down into a tantrum after library story time despite warnings that it was time to leave. Today I’m going to share some strategies I’ve used and some other ideas that other readers and parenting […]

Tips for Successfully Leaving an Activity With a Toddler

I believe everyone should take life at the pace that suits them, and the pace that happens to suit my family is a slow, purposeful one. If you too would like to embrace an un-hurried life, here are ten benefits I’ve noticed in my own kids from living at the pace we […]

10 Benefits Kids Gain From An UnBusy Life

For most of us, our lives involve a series of patterns—routines we perform almost every day, like stopping at the same place each day for coffee on the way to work. This is also very true for babies and toddlers. While we play a part in creating routines in our […]

Creating Routines For Love And Learning

So, you’re tired of the disconnection and power struggles that traditional parenting techniques bring and you’re ready to give positive parenting an honest go, like this mother did. But you’re not sure where to start. If you’re a newbie to positive parenting, these tips should help ease the transition. Read […]

7 Tips for Transitioning to Positive Parenting