The quickly growing and changing brain of childhood is the prime time to begin affirmations. As a child’s brain is being wired, planting these positive seeds will, as Louise Hay stated, bring abundant growth. Peggy O’Mara said, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” The best […]

50 Affirmations Just for Kids

Many parents understand the quote’s meaning, which is children aren’t perfect and that we often expect much better behavior and more self-control from our children than what even we, as grown-ups, are able to demonstrate. They have expressed wholehearted agreement and acknowledged that they, too, have been guilty of holding […]

Your Child is Human, Too

As a father, you are going to confront contests of wills with your daughter many times. In those moments where your authority as a parent is challenged, it is extremely important for you to “win.” Why? Because a child who behaves in ways that are disrespectful or harmful to herself […]

Discipline With Love and Respect

“Raising kids who don’t turn into (expletives) as adults,” Fenton maintains. Fair enough. We’ve definitely reached our (expletives) quota here on Earth. But I think it’s possible to raise good people without being mean to them. There are a thousand gradations between “mean” and “cool,” and setting them up as […]

In Defense of Nice Moms

We all want to raise happy children, so who better to ask how to do that than the Danes? Denmark is consistently ranked one of the happiest countries in the world, churning out generation after generation of happy people. It seemed logical to turn to the book, The Danish Way […]

Two Parenting Secrets of the Happy Danes

Researchers suspect parents are yelling more. Parents have been conditioned to avoid spanking, so they vent their anger and frustration by shouting instead. Three out of four parents yell, scream or shout at their children or teens about once a month, on average, for misbehaving or making them angry, research […]

Talking to Your Child After You Yell

Recently a Toddler Approved reader asked for help regarding transitions for her two-year-old. Her child melted down into a tantrum after library story time despite warnings that it was time to leave. Today I’m going to share some strategies I’ve used and some other ideas that other readers and parenting […]

Tips for Successfully Leaving an Activity With a Toddler

Potty training is something that I have always dreaded ever since my kids were born. All I had heard from parents was that it was messy and annoying, and I definitely won’t disagree with that, but today I’m going to share how we potty trained both of our oldest kids […]

Potty Training the Slow Way