Please tell me I am not the only one with an Amazon Prime addiction. Or the only one who sees their mailman more than their best friends. Or who should probably buy stock in cardboard boxes because we are drowning in them. It’s probably because I had three babies in […]

4 Tips for Making Extreme Boxes

I recently saw these Chalkboard Rocks from Pottery Barn that you can write on with chalk and thought…”I can make those!” So I did! I had been wanting to paint something with chalk board paint (which has been all the rage on the craft blogs the past several months) to […]

Make Chalkboard Paint

Need some button crafts to use up all those extras you’ve been collecting? Maybe you’ve discovered the packages of colorful button bags at the craft store! They are available everywhere, including discount department stores, some dollar stores, crafts supply stores of course, and you can find them at thrift stores […]

200+ Button Crafts for Kids