Daily Archives: March 30, 2017

Spend any amount of time with an infant or toddler, and you’ll see that young children are natural explorers, and use their senses to understand the world. From birth, your baby can detect the feeling of being held, the sound of your voice, and the smell of your skin. When […]

Let’s Talk About The Senses

My oldest came to my room after bedtime and said, “Caroline keeps saying she needs you.” I went upstairs and looked at my sweet little one, who is now four, curled up under her covers peacefully. I said, “Do you need me?” She nodded. I knelt down, crawled into bed […]

Maybe Your Two-Year Old Just Needs You

As a cook, there’s nothing more empowering than having control over your ingredients. And there’s no better way to ensure their greatness than having grown them yourself. From broccoli to squash blossoms, growing an edible garden is not only a great way to connect with your food, it’s also a […]

Starting An Edible Garden