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These are some awesome handprint toddler crafts that are perfect for the whole family and we’ve also thrown in some footprint craft ideas too. We hope you enjoy this collection  and find some inspiration. Here are 15 plus footprint and handprint toddler crafts! Check them out here.

15 + Handprint Toddler Crafts

With the kids back to school and some cooler weather the last few days, it’ s been getting me excited for Fall! I love watching the leaves change color and our family trips to the pumpkin patch. We started some fall crafts last week that we shared with you, but […]

18 Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids

There’s nothing like cozying up with gorgeous Fall themed books that kids love and we’ve found some outstanding reads! I love fall – love, love, love it!  The cooler temps, beautiful colors and the smell of the air.  And one of my favorite things to do in the fall is […]

14 Cozy Kids Books That Celebrate Fall

What’s better than an easy toddler activity that takes little ones outside?! I can’t tell you how much I love being able to take activities into our backyard – like our pouring station or chalk paint. Outdoor activities are the best and this outside sticky wall was perfect for us. […]

Outside Sticky Wall

Where we live in California it is so hot and dry right now and I am dreaming about the brisk cool weather that will hopefully arrive soon. I love doing learning activities and crafts with my preschooler while her older brother naps in the early afternoon. See more here.

20 Fall Learning Activities For Preschoolers

Every October we look forward to setting up our apple stand dramatic play activity. We turn this area into a market, complete with a scale and cash registers, and handy bags and baskets for carrying the apples. And, of course, a phone to take orders! Our apple stand is a […]

Apple Stand Dramatic Play

Five little ducks went out one day… If you’ve ever spent any time inside a preschool classroom, you probably know just how that sentence ends. It’s such a fun, yet simple song and its repeating verses make it super easy to remember and absolutely perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Once […]

Five Little Ducks: Printable Puppets And Song

We love exploring science in the fall! Well, we love exploring science all year…but there is something special about fall. At least where I live! And so, putting together preschool science ideas for fall is pretty easy. We take a look at what’s going on in nature and plan around […]

Preschool Science Ideas For Fall

We’re going to be doing a fun apple unit study this fall with the kids, so I’ve started gathering the very best fun apple activities for kids to include in our apple preschool unit! I made a fun printable pack for simple apple themed activities, and here I’ve gathered a list […]

Over 30 Fun Apple Activities For Kids