Daily Archives: October 14, 2015

Your guests will go batty over these cute mini bat treats. These would be cute for the kid’s Halloween party and your kids will have fun making them with you. Or your could have this as a craft project and then have the kids take them home. I’ll be happy […]

Mini Bat Treats

To create our wooden shapes, I used the same paint samples from our color sorting activity, just one shade lighter. I cut out yellow stars, red hearts, blue circles, green triangles, and purple squares (which is also how they are colored in the game). Read more here!

Shape Sorting For Toddlers

Is there anything better than a concentrating toddler dumping water all over the place? Our water pouring station is one of my absolute favorite activists for Sam and one of his favorites to do. He even asks for this one by name “Sammy pour water sta-shin.” Check it out here!

Pouring Station