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Sharing your passions with your child can be a wonderful way to explore a special interest together. When you care about cooking, tennis, hiking, creating videos, or any other subject, your child picks up on that interest. Use this as a way to create unique and long-lasting experiences among family […]

Share Your Passions With Your Child

What she hopes children, teachers and families get from this song: It’s a good idea to listen to your parents, learn from them, and grow.  And learn from teachers too! Listen to the song here!

Song: My Dad

When I first started entertaining my three kids by myself on Saturdays, I thought, “Where do we go? What do I do? Where’s the instruction manual for spending the day just with Dad… and will I need power tools?” Read the article here!

Turn Weekends Into “Lazy Dadurdays”

Each month Kristin Ainslie and Dawn Williams will consult, learn from, and talk with a special guest, a Head Start teacher, or researcher in the field about the joys and challenges of teaching young children. You’ll find an hour’s worth of practical ideas for your classroom, plus resiliency and wellness […]

Teacher Time

Organic gardening is a great way to promote children’s learning about and appreciation for the natural world. However, it’s important to keep safety in mind when gardening with preschoolers. Here are a few safety tips. Read more here!

Planting Smart

Let’s face it: Math isn’t winning any popularity contests these days. The way our society talks about math—in the press, in debates among politicians, on the T-shirts that say “Allergic to Algebra”—we’re made to believe that math is a serious, painful educational rite of passage. Read the article here!

Workbooks – Work = Truly Fun Math