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Childhood obesity is a national concern and can lead to many health problems. Research shows active physical play and encouragement from caring adults are key to reducing childhood obesity. Families and caregivers working together can improve children’s physical activity, weight, and health. Click here to take the training!

Obesity Prevention Training for Child Care Providers

There’s no shortage of advice and information available about healthy eating and weight watching for adults, teens, and elementary school-aged children. But good nutritional habits begin even before a child is born.  From the time a mother is pregnant, until a child is two years old, nourishment – or malnourishment […]

Healthy Eating Habits Begin Before the Age of 2

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that impairs muscle coordination, which is typically caused by damage to the brain before or during birth. You might make the assumption that someone living with Cerebral Palsy may not be able to accomplish things in life that an able bodied person is capable of […]

Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Children begin to communicate the moment they are born.  From cries to coos, parents learn their child’s communication without the use of words. One fun way parents can interact and play with their child is through music.  Music can serve many communicative purposes.  Singing a soft lullaby to a tired […]

How to Promote Language in Young Children

Need some button crafts to use up all those extras you’ve been collecting? Maybe you’ve discovered the packages of colorful button bags at the craft store! They are available everywhere, including discount department stores, some dollar stores, crafts supply stores of course, and you can find them at thrift stores […]

200+ Button Crafts for Kids

The first two years of life is the only time that humans don’t have to worry about how much fat they take in. Toddlers under the age of 2 need plenty of fat to support normal growth. Your child undergoes significant development during these years, and feeding her plenty of […]

Fat Intake For Toddlers

My family and I are so excited that Spring is finally starting here in Colorado! After a long winter full of lots of snow, cold days, and a burst pipe in our basement, we are ready for some sun. One of the reasons that we love Spring is because of […]

Springtime Frozen Choco-Bananas

Kids love to make music! Doesn’t matter when or where, signing, dancing and banging or strumming is a favorite among children. There’s a funny day in August called Strange Music Day. That’s just an excuse to haul out the recycled materials and get creating some fun musical instrument crafts with […]

Musical Instrument Crafts

A baby’s first smile is an exciting moment. But what can it tell us about their understanding of the world? Boasting about the speed of childhood development is the sport of choice for many a doting parent. From the 12-week scan right through the early years, monitoring the physical and […]

Peek-a-Boo: A Window On Baby’s Brain