There are not many shows on television that deserve to be called true American institutions – but one of them is surely “Sesame Street.” It’s been on the air now for almost 50 years.  When Sesame Street began in 1969, it was considered an experiment.  The question: Could television be […]

Newest “Sesame Street” Muppet Has Autism: Meet Julia

I haven’t taught any of my children to ride a bike. Not one of the four. I’ve helped, for sure. I’ve held on to the seat and steadied them while they will their bodies to balance and their feet to push the pedals, but my husband has always been the […]

Raising Overcomers: How to Teach Your Kids to Do Hard Things

Please tell me I am not the only one with an Amazon Prime addiction. Or the only one who sees their mailman more than their best friends. Or who should probably buy stock in cardboard boxes because we are drowning in them. It’s probably because I had three babies in […]

4 Tips for Making Extreme Boxes

Ever since we bought our Magna-Tiles, they have been one of the most used toys in our house. They get played will all the time and in all different ways! If you aren’t familiar with Magna-Tiles (also sold as Picasso Tiles and Magformers), they are plastic, translucent shapes that are lined […]

10 Unexpected Places to Use Magnetic Tiles

As both mom and educator, I fare better the more I follow John Holt’s two words of advice—“Trust children.” It’s easier said than done, though. Young children are disorderly, ever changing, and focus on the craziest things. To boot, many of us feel extraordinary pressure to raise and educate them […]

Let ‘Em Spin! They’re Learning.

The quickly growing and changing brain of childhood is the prime time to begin affirmations. As a child’s brain is being wired, planting these positive seeds will, as Louise Hay stated, bring abundant growth. Peggy O’Mara said, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” The best […]

50 Affirmations Just for Kids

I have a technique that has been really helping with dealing with anger in my family.  It sounded almost too simple when I read it, but often it’s the really simple shifts, the ones that we think could hardly work, that help us most. This idea for dealing with anger […]

Hug It Out: Calming an Angry Child

Perhaps we adults need to revisit the realms of children’s literature, TV and film once in a while because there is a surprising amount of wisdom to be gleaned from them. Author A.A. Milne created some of the most thoughtful and profound characters when he penned his Winne-the-Pooh novels and […]

20 Utterly Profound Winnie-the-Pooh Quotes to Make You Smile

Many parents understand the quote’s meaning, which is children aren’t perfect and that we often expect much better behavior and more self-control from our children than what even we, as grown-ups, are able to demonstrate. They have expressed wholehearted agreement and acknowledged that they, too, have been guilty of holding […]

Your Child is Human, Too

I listened closely as my mom reported back to me what my teachers said at the parent-teacher conference she had just attended. The report was always the same—I was an excellent student, I worked hard, and I didn’t have any behavioral issues. My teachers only had one complaint: I should participate more, […]

Teachers, Quit Telling Introverts They Should Participate More

This week for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids we are picking our favorite nursery rhymes to spotlight! Nursery rhymes are so fun and a great way to teach kids about rhyme and rhythms. They also help kids hear sounds and syllables in words, which helps them learn to […]

13 Awesome Nursery Rhyme Books for Kids

On the first day of kindergarten, the child who is ready to learn is not necessarily the one who can count to 20 or name all the colors in the rainbow, rather it’s the child who can pay attention, take turns, get along with others and follow directions. Experts tell […]

What Does “Being Ready for School” Really Mean?

As a father, you are going to confront contests of wills with your daughter many times. In those moments where your authority as a parent is challenged, it is extremely important for you to “win.” Why? Because a child who behaves in ways that are disrespectful or harmful to herself […]

Discipline With Love and Respect